Rigaud Candles

What are Rigaud Candles

Rigaud is popular for producing scented candles for more than 50 years. Each candle by Rigaud Candles is hand-poured and inspected to make sure a premium product. The wax liquefies quickly, with rapid and mighty diffusion of the fragrance when it is burnt. Moreover, Rigaud Candles burn evenly, without residing any residue on the glass & they don’t tunnel, unlike other hard wax candles.

Buy Rigaud Candles at Boyd’s Madison Avenue

The amazing but unique wax formula for Rigaud Cypres Candle with Decorative Lid has a longer burning capacity than other ordinary candles with Cyprus fragrance, melting & re-solidifying to look as pretty as several uses as when it first came out of candles. All Rigaud Candles are appreciated by several users. Place an order for your favorite scented candles at Boyd’s Madison Avenue to get discount offers.