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With a history of over 130 years, Mason Pearson is a market leader in providing cushioned hair brushes. The Mason Pearson collection of hairbrushes has long been associated with innovation in providing high-quality, hand-made hairbrushes. The pneumatic rubber-cushion pad that is made by hands using Mason Pearson's original methods, allows for efficient and effective brushing. It is a type to use and massages the skull. The hairbrush of option for generations of celebrity hairdressers, it is popular for its orange, "pneumatic" rubber cushion and high-quality boar bristle and nylon construction. Hand-made handles complete the hairbrush pattern, whilst smoothly-tapered teeth and rounded tips characterize the comb selection, each of which is handcrafted from a single piece of material.

Best Mason Pearson's Collection

The cellulose plastic-handle is hand-made and any sharp edges are eliminated to make the hairbrush more comfortable to hold in your hands. The Pure Bristle-Headed Brushes are perfect for fine and curly to normal hair. The Bristle and Nylon Mixture Hairbrushes are for normal to thick hair. The Nylon Brushes for very thick or coarse hair. Boyd’s Madison Avenue is one the best Mason Pearson’s hairbrushes provide in the market. You are the right place to get your desired design and color in hairbrushes.


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