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Frasco is a popular German manufacturer of excellent quality goods. Frasco has been making products with enthusiasm and exactness since 1920  with an instinctive understanding of the products which will enhance any bathroom and make your life more enjoyable.

Frasco is the company of pocket, hand, mirrors in Europe. Frasco has a long-lasting assurance of quality and craftsmanship. Frasco produces mirrors for every application like an illuminated mirror, cosmetic mirror, lightning mirror. It is found in all areas over the world. It is known for the extraordinary quality of products everywhere in the world.

Explore Frasco Products at Boyd’s Madison Avenue

Explore the advantages of Frasco mirrors at Boyd’s Madison Avenue. Boyd’s has high-quality mirrors that use only the most distinct materials. These gratification mirrors were once sold in the US under the Irving Rice (I. Rice) name. Boyd's can help you with a high variety of Frasco mirrors like Frasco Double Sided Purse Mirror With Folding Stand that is tucked neatly into its own travel case. It has one side magnification, normal magnification on the other, and a fold out holds for hands-free makeup application. Adjusts comfortably into a handbag or carry-on. Travel included. Also available in the alloy. Formerly manufactured by Irving Rice. Also, enjoy at Boyd’s with Frasco Dual-Sided Travel Magnifying Mirror that is a handy travel mirror tucks neatly into a handbag or is great for any travel makeup or shaving kit. It arrives with a shielding cover for the tour.