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Carol’s vision had expanded to include 30 make-up artists and a clientele that included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Cher, and Princess Grace. Cosmeticians lined up for a chance to train and work in Boyd's. Chief among them was the renowned makeup artist and entrepreneur Trish McEvoy.

July of 1977

New York City experienced a power failure in all five boroughs. The New York Stock Exchange was forced to close and only the base of the World Trade Center flickered with light. Shea Stadium postponed the Mets-Cubs game at the bottom of the sixth inning. Madison Avenue was devoid of traffic; hundreds of New Yorkers were trapped on subways. Still, women kept their makeup consultations at Boyd's, as their cosmeticians worked by flashlight. The famous Blizzard of '78 saw determined women arriving at Boyd's on skis, so as not to miss their appointment at the makeup counter.  

"Boyd's is a phenomenon"

- Paul Woolard, (President of Revlon from 1962-1986)

Boyd’s officially closed its doors in New York City in the Spring of 2007.

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