Eye Makeup

About our Eye Makeup

There are so many different looks that you can achieve with eye makeup, why not try them all from Boyd's Madison Avenue? You can achieve each of these with the right colors, tools, advice and of course, practice applying eye makeup.

For a more natural appearance, we have several makeup appearances including pale or skin tone colors that have no shimmer to them. 

When choosing the correct eye makeup tools try checking out our eye brushes.

Why Buy Eye Makeup Products From Boud's

Eye makeup essentials contain eyeshadows, eyeliners, eye color palettes, and mascaras. Boyd’s Madison Avenue has eye makeup essentials that are always cruelty and vegan-free. Find a perfect solution of eye cosmetics that are both professional and affordable like Longcils Eyeliner Falcon, Black for only $25. You can pair it with Boyd’s Pencil Eyeliner to enhance the staying power and vibrancy of those illuminating and bold colors. Go and shop for your go-to eye palette featuring shimmer or matt shades. 

Build a multi-dimensional, subtle, and bold look with the Boyd's Molten Metal Cream Highlighter for Eyes featuring 15 warm shadows and ultra-pigmented. Never forget to define those brows & make a perfect look with Boyd’s eyebrow pencils, gels, and cream.

Explore the best Bod’s Eye makeup collection that will assist everyone from the beginners to the beauty kings achieve a trendy look.