Rigaud Candles

Regaud Vesuve Large Candle with Decorative Lid, 230g, 90 Hours of Fragrance

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Description: The Rigaud scented candles are placed in a thick glass container, decorated with a hand-tied embossed satin ribbon and with a silver-metal snuffer cap.

A fabulous journey loaded with rare and precious essences such as amber and incense.
The woody notes of cedar and vetiver bolster up the heat of the perfume; the warm spicy notes of cinnamon and cumin bring personality.

90 Hours of Burn Time.

Made in France.

About the Brand:  Jean-Baptiste Rigaud, a great French perfumer of the 19th century.

Following studies in chemistry in his native Auvergne in Riom, Jean-Baptiste came to Paris in 1852 to collaborate with the laboratories Grimault & Cie, famous for their aromatic products such as the “Iodized horseradish syrup” or the “Anti-asthmatic Indian cigarette”.

Back in Paris at a time when the French aristocracy was experiencing a real infatuation with everything English, Jean-Baptiste opened his perfumery in the rue Vivienne, under the name “Parfumerie Victoria” as a tribute to the Queen of England.