Longcils Boncza is the exclusive brand to extend a makeup range especially designed for the eyes. Longcils Boncza is a glamour product that includes top genetic elements, combining the properties of medication and a beauty product. The usual outcome is to shape, enhance, and give shine to your eyelashes. Its formula is soft yet still presents a dramatic effect without bumping or caking. It is an outstanding product, among a following in Hollywood and on the runway.

Why Buy Longcils Boncza Products at Boyd’s Madison Avenue?

Longcils has now joined Boyd’s, which is a distributor of luxury original beauty products with years of experience marketing direct to customers. Boyd’s Madison Avenue believes in extending excellent assistance whilst keeping things simple and offering alternative products at affordable prices. Longcils Boncza Cake Mascara is also at Boyd’s which highlights your eyes and ensures you a delightful and glamorous look. Tested under dermatological control, its hypoallergenic formula. This dense mascara, which does not run, decay or go cakey, guarantees longer, thicker, and more curled eyelashes.

Explore Longcils Boncza Products at Boyd’s Madison Avenue

There is also Longcils Eyeliner Flacon, Black at Boyd’s which is the liquid formula, rich in pigments with a dazzling shine, spreads easily for fast, easy application. Eye make-up made easy. This Bottled Eyeliner applicator stroke provides well-defined results. The oiliness formula gives a lavish look that remains all through the day.

Mascara's light and gliding prescription can be easily applied from the eyelashes' bulbs to tips in a single sign for a high-definition look. Its comb stroke was designed to expose each eyelash while spreading the product evenly. The eyelashes are covered and absolutely divided for an excessive length finish. Proper for contact lens users and those with irritable eyes. Shop your favorite mascara and eyeliners at Boyd’s Madison Avenue.