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Rigaud Cypres Candle with Decorative Lid, Large 230g, 90 Hours of Fragrance

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Description: Rigaud Cypres Candle brings all the richness of the Mediterranean forests into your home. This is timeless, generous, refined. It creates a perfect harmony that is a blend of the aromatic sweetness of lavender, the woody, crisp notes of pine needles, and the powerful aroma of cedar wood. 

  • Top notes: lavender - bergamot
  • Middle notes: scots pine - hyacinth
  • Base notes: cedar - oakmoss

230g of soft wax. 90 Hour Burn time.  Comes with decorative silver colored lid.

Made in France.

About the Brand:  Jean-Baptiste Rigaud, a great French perfumer of the 19th century

Following studies in chemistry in his native Auvergne in Riom, Jean-Baptiste came to Paris in 1852 to collaborate with the laboratories Grimault & Cie, famous for their aromatic products such as the “Iodized horseradish syrup” or the “Anti-asthmatic Indian cigarette”.

With passion and guided by his imagination he decides to make his first steps in the Paris business milieu and in the world of perfumery and discover new scents in exotic lands, soon realizing the fascination and the emotion these unexploited treasures could awaken in Europe’s elegant ladies. Over time, Jean-Baptiste will transform this general pharmacy into a larger company.