Regincos Men's Vegan Mini Beard & Mustache Brush

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About Regincos Men's Vegan Mini Beard & Mustache Brush

Description: Imported from Spain, the vegan brush for beard and moustache is manufactured with vegetal bristles. The natural fiber is made from a plant unique to the semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico , the Agave “Lechugilla”. It has been exported for centuries all over the world to manufacture cords, ropes and stricks or to be used as a filler in the brush making industries for brushes, scrubbers and brooms for industrial and personal use.

Handmade in Spain.

  • Length: 140 mm. (5,51 in.)
  • Width: 23 mm. (0,90 in.)
  • bristles rows: 3.
  • bristles lenght: 13 mm. (0,51 in.)

About the Brand: Regincos have always sought the highest quality, best raw materials, superb craftsmanship and functional designs. Combining their vast experience in hair brush manufacturing with our excellent relationship’s with world’s best hair stylists to create top level brushes that the most prestigious hairdressers admire and advocate. 

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 It is the family company founded by Ramon Regincós (father) in 1962 and specialized in the manufacturing of high quality hair brushes for professional stylist use. The large professional experience, a cotinuos innovation and the high quality of our brushes, conbined with an excellent trade and a good customer service, are the foundations which distinguish Regincós in the today top hairdresser´s world market.