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Frasco Stand Mirror, High Adjustable, 3X Magnification (93890830)

Regular price $425.00

Description: This elegant and precise mirror offer 3X magnification. It has an easy to adjust pedestal.

This mirror is 7.5” round and double sided-13.25" to 17.25" and comes in  Chrome.

Mirror is made of premium-grade brass that has been coated with several layers of clear zapon varnish to protect its surface. 

 Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

About the Brand: Frasco is the premier manufacturer of purse, hand, vanity and wall mounted magnifying mirrors in Europe. Each mirror undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure premium quality in the manufacturing process. Frasco is a German manufacturer of high quality mirrors. Frasco has been selling its mirrors under its own name world-wide except in the U.S.

Since 1920, Frasco has been the premier manufacturer of optically correct and distortion-free purse, hand, vanity and wall-mounted magnifying mirrors. Headquartered in Eckental, Germany since inception, today all Frasco mirrors continue to be manufactured in Germany in accordance with German standards and certifications.