Wardani leather headband 5/8" Coral
Wardani leather headband 5/8" citrus yellow
orange leather headband wardani
Wardani leather headband 5/8" aqua
Wardani leather headband 5/8" lavender
Wardani leather headband 5/8" Minty green
Wardani leather headband 5/8" purple
Wardani Italian leather 5/8" headband denim

Wardani Italian Leather Headband (Bright Collection) 5/8" Wide

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About Wardani Italian Leather Headband (Bright Collection)

Description: Handmade in their Brooklyn atelier, Wardani headbands are made from the finest Italian leathers available.  Each item is carefully crafted to exacting standards.

Available in a wide range of colors and textures, Wardani hair accessories are on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

Made in USA.

About the Brand: With over 12 years of experience behind, Wardani founder Milan Wardani has been successfully removing and reducing tangled tresses everywhere. A brief stint in Wall Street's corporate world convinced Milan to create a more deep-rooted creative streak, and fashionable yet functional women's accessories. These were made of high-quality headbands featuring hand-made attention to detail.

Today, Wardani Accessories is proud to manufacture the majority of its goods in New York and France. Some items still imported fro Asia but made and designed high quality standard.

Wardani’s products are specially designed and handmade with great attention to quality. It is Milan’s attention to detail that has made him a well respected accessories manufacturer. Wardani Accessories currently sells to high end boutiques and chain stores throughout the world, including the US, Canada, South America, Japan and Europe.