Plisson Shaving Brush With Synthetic Bristles & Black Acetate Handle for Sensitive Skin

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About Plisson Shaving Brush With Synthetic Bristles & Black Acetate Handle

Description: Handcrafted in France, this exquisite shaving brush is one of the finest available. The soft synthetic bristles help shave cream glide on easily over skin and will rinse completely clean and residue free. Ideal for men with sensitive skin. The round acetate brush handle feels good in the hand and is lightweight for quick lathering. 

  • Synthetic fiber shaving brush specially adapted for sensitive skin.

  • This "Plisson Evolution" fiber perfectly imitates the characteristics of natural hair. Flexibility and softness, but also spring and resistance.

  • Resin handle. Balanced control.

  • This product respects in all points the specific fitting PLISSON

About the Brand: 

Founded in 1808 by Georges Plisson, the factory of shaving brushes Plisson quickly gained a significant reputation. Plisson became the official supplier of the Emperor Napoleon.

Since the nineteenth century, Plisson is the reference to the greatest of this world. King Hassan II , Farouk of Egypt, the Emir of Qatar, Jean Marais , Charles De Gaulle and even Pope Pius XI were among the followers of the brand.

"There are shaving brushes and there are Plisson" say professionals of shaving. Since nearly 200 years, Plisson is the golden standard in shaving brushes and a recognized expert in the world of shaving.

Today the shaving brushes Plisson are still handmade in the great tradition of artisans of luxury.

The bristles are first gathered together in a clump and then hand shaped to form the bouquet. Once tied, it is stuck on his mount. Ultimate toilet can give it volume. The brush is finally ready.