Janeke Oval Hair Brush, Large SP08G DBL
Janeke Oval Hair Brush, Large SP08G DBL - Boyd's Madison Avenue
Janeke Oval Hair Brush, Large SP08G DBL

Janeke Oval Hair Brush, Large SP08G DBL

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Description: This classic Janeke Oval Brush will make you forget every other hairbrush you’ve used. It is excellent for most hairtypes. Made in Italy since 1830, this Janeke brush is designed with style and comfort in mind. The gold bristles are anti-static, and rounded tips ensure an easy brush giving you your most luxurious hair yet.  It measures 8 1/2". Tortoise, Black, & Leopard have gold rounded peg bristles while Chroma has chrome rounded peg bristles.

About the Brand: The Janeke group has evolved over the course of 180 years to become a leader in the sector of cosmetics accessories as a whole. It has worked with innovation and technology to meet the constant needs of the market, using traditional age-old materials like horn, celluloid and galalite as well as injection moulded plastics. We put craftsmanship and creativity first and foremost, offering products that have been made exclusively by hand in Italy with an eye for high design and materials of the highest quality.

Over the past few years, we have made the move from a well consolidated internal market to a growing international market by expanding distribution. Countries like the United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, the states of the Middle East (Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular) and all the countries of the European Union, who are our traditional partners, have helped consolidate and increase our sales.
Our high range hand-crafted products are made to last, and our new collections aim to meet the needs of the world of fashion and the continually evolving trends of the world of glamour.