Janeke Brushes Golden Hair Comb

Learn more about the Janeke hair brush

An Italian tradition for three centuries! The highest quality is guaranteed! Made by hand from the finest Italian materials, choose from handle selections as well as from pure boar bristle, bristle, and nylon or reinforced bristles.

Daily brushing with a high-quality brush is essential with so many elements taking a toll on hair and scalp health. Padded bases match the contour of the head and gently massage.

All Janeke comb and brush sales are final due to sanitary restrictions.  

The Janeke Super Brush is also perfect for brushing wet hair, a hair mask, and safely detangling all hair lengths and types without snagging.

Why Buy Janeke Hair Brushes at Boyd’s Madison Avenue?

  • Each Janeke brush & comb is manufactured by hand in Italy .
  • Made with high-quality carbon fiber
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Boar bristles & Natural Beechwood

Boyd’s Madison Avenue offers a wide range of Janeke brush collections with a choice for every price point, from the glamourous gold to the award-winning, and budget-friendly super brushes.

At Boyd’s, there is a Janeke hairbrushes for every hair type and style --- select from their large variety of handle selections in several colors and shapes as well as synthetic & natural bristles.

Explore Janeke Brushes at Boyd’s

Experience the advantages of daily hair brushing using Janeke Oval Hair Brush, Large SP08G DBL after the routine bath. It’ll help you to dry your hair in a smooth way and quickly. This brush is not just for removing snarls  --- it also assists distribute natural oils throughout your hair for enhanced health and shine. Each Janeke Super Brush offers a snag-free and gentle brushing experience that will leave your hair & scalp-free, invigorated, static-free, and healthy.

Enjoy the experience of a world-class hair styling at home with Janeke Super Brush by Boyd’s. Shop Boyd’s beauty selection of Janeke brushes and combs today and purchase now.