3 Things to Keep Makeup Clean, Organize and Safe

Maybe you are one of those girls who love to try new beauty products and experiment with it. But as much as collecting makeup is exciting, this also comes with great responsibility? Yes, if you want to keep your skin fresh and free from bacteria. This also means maintaining your makeup products clean, effective, and sanitize.

Makeup products are not bulletproof and even do not last forever. It is important to pay attention to its expiration dates so you know what to keep and throw away. If it is not your hobby to clean your makeup tools, it's about time to do it on a regular basis. Here’s a guide for you to keep your cosmetics clean and sanitize at all times.

If you are not cleaning your makeup tools on a regular basis, then expect that you are applying loads of bacteria from your old and dirty makeup. This will put you at serious health concerns such as skin infections, clogged pores, inflamed skin, acne breakouts, and pimples. It is very important that you also store your cosmetics properly since some of these products may lose their potency when they are exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

Here are three important things to do to ensure your makeup is bacteria-free, clean, and safe for everyday use.

 Take Note on Expiration Dates and Shelf Life

Looking at its expiration date and shelf life is an obvious sign that will tell you that your makeup is no longer safe to use. If it smells bad, then it is about time to say goodbye to it.

Take a close look also on its consistency, texture, and discoloration, this is another sign that will tell you whether it is still okay to use it or not. Products such as skincare serums are more specific to their shelf life.

Many skincare products do not provide expiration dates, but over time, their effective maybe loss over time. Anti-aging ingredients in some makeups like Retinoids can only be used for one year since it can lose their collagen-producing capabilities over time.

Here’s some guidance for you, so you will know when to keep your cosmetic products:

  • Mascara – is good for 3 to 5 months

  • Foundation – good to use for 3 months

  • Eyeliner & eye shadow – good to use up to one year

  • Moisturizer – good for one year

  • Lipstick – for 2 years

  • Retinoids - up to one year

Cleaning Makeup Tools

As a rule of thumb, makeup tools including brushes, sponges, and applicators must be cleaned on a daily basis. It is best to spray them with a quick cleaning spray on a daily basis. And for a more intensive wash, clean it with shampoo and hot water weekly. If you are using a sponge, wash it immediately after use to ensure its cleanliness.

Cleaning makeup brushes

Makeup Storage

Many women would put their face makeup in the bathroom. But actually, doing it is not really the best idea. The humidity and warm temperature from the showers can affect the efficacy of the beauty products. The best place to store them is in a cool, dry spot that is not directly exposed to extreme weather changes. It is best to keep makeup and skincare bottles on separate storage and arranged them properly.

Using a makeup storage container can help keep these essential products visible if you need them yet clean, organize, and safe. Having a makeup bag that helps you store your makeup essentials and bring it wherever you want is a practical idea.

makeup kit

 Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your beauty and makeup products are always clean and sanitize. This will also protect you from any other health risks such as preventing applying brushes that are loaded with bacteria.

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